MDTV1 S3E998-308-102-Thursday-2018-2-22 Mr. Ennis's 2nd Graders Open

MDTV1 S3E98-307-101-Wednesday-2018-2-21 2nd Graders Say Warriors Don't Waste!

MDTV1 S3E97-306-100-Tuesday-2018-2-20 The New Morning Show Crew Opens

MDTV1 S3E96-305-099-Thursday-2018-2-15 Leianna and Katerina Open

MDTV1 S3E95-304-098-Wednesday-2018-2-14 Mrs. Miller's 2nd Grade Class Opens

MDTV1 S3E94-303-097-Tuesday-2018-2-13 Ms. Racz's Class Opens.

MDTV1 S3E93-302-096-Monday-2018-2-12 Ms. Vickrey's Class builds a sun.

MDTV1 S3E90-299-093-Tuesday-2018-2-6 Mrs. Margid's Class Opens

MDTV1 S3E89-298-092-Monday-2018-2-5 Mrs. Rosenberg's Class Opens

MDTV1 S3E88-297-091-Friday-2018-2-2 Mr. Scholz's Class Opens