MDTV1 S2E179-396-179-Tuesday-2018-6-26 The Whole School Opens!

MDTV1 S2E178-395-178-Monday-2018-6-25 Mrs. Dentice's Class Opens...Again!

MDTV1 S2E177-394-177-Friday-2018-6-22 Mrs. Dentice's Class Opens

MDTV1 S2E176-393-176-Thursday-2018-6-21 Mrs. Miller's Class Opens

MDTV1 S2E175-392-175-Wednesday-2018-6-20 Mrs. Scholz's Class Opens

MDTV1 S2E174-391-174-Tuesday-2018-6-19 Mrs. Miller's Class Opens

MDTV1 S2E173-390-173-Monday-2018-6-18 Ms. McGann's Class Opens

MDTV1 S2E172-389-172-Friday-2018-6-15 The Miller-Driscoll Morning Show Crew Says Goodbye

MDTV1 S2E171-388-171-Thursday-2018-6-14 Mrs. Burdick's Class Opens

MDTV1 S2E170-387-170-Wednesday-2018-6-13 Mrs. Sarno's Class Opens AGAIN!

MDTV1 S2E169-386-169-Tuesday-2018-6-12 Mrs. Sarno's Class Opens

MDTV1 S2E168-385-168-Monday-2018-6-11 Mrs. Dentice's Class Opens