The crew films The Miller-Driscoll Morning Show
in the temporary studio during the fall of 2016.
MDTV/1 is a before school club that films one week of morning announcements, mostly on Friday mornings.

The team consists of 20 kindergarten through 2nd grade students and two advisors. The team is broken into two "crews" that alternate between "Studio" and "Birthdays".

The studio tapes the anchor desk segments in the studio while the Birthday crew tapes the day's birthdays from different locations in the building.

Director and Camera Operator work closely together.
There are multiple job assignments in each crew and during the course of the program, students get to experience most if not all jobs. The current job list includes:

  1. Studio
    1. Floor Manager
    2. Director
    3. Lighting Coordinator
    4. Camera Operator
    5. Sound Engineer
    6. Stage Manager
    7. Marker
    8. Anchor 1
    9. Anchor 2
    10. Anchor 3
  2. Birthdays
    1. Director
    2. Lighting Coordinator
    3. Camera Operator
    4. Sound Engineer
    5. Stage Manager
    6. Marker
    7. Birthday Anchor 1
    8. Birthday Anchor 2
    9. Birthday Anchor 3
    10. Birthday Anchor 4

The anchor desk portion of the new studio during the spring of 2017.
In addition, students have the opportunity, when the schedules and timing are right, to do "Stand-Ups", sort of the reporter on the scene kind of thing.

These are usually shot with iPhones using reporter mics. The reporter writes their own copy and in many cases, if time allows, edits the "package" in iMovie before it's exported and dropped into the Morning Show in Adobe Premiere.